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"The 'Regata dell'Odio' on Garda Lake: Sailing Rivalry and the End of a Season"

In the realm of sailing regattas on Lake Garda, a unique and eagerly anticipated event unfolded last weekend. The "Regata dell'Odio," organized by the Circolo Vela Gargnano, drew sailing enthusiasts for a day of competition and fun. The racecourse took participants from Bogliaco, passing to the east of Trimelone Island, and back. On the water, not only the Asso99 boats but also Dolphin, Protagonist, Fun, and classes with international ORC measurement took part in this competition.

Lake Garda, known for its unpredictable weather conditions, gifted participants with a day of brisk and gusty north winds, making the regatta particularly lively. The competition among the boats was intense, and in the end, ITA106 Diavolasso, helmed by the renowned "Doge" Albino Fravezzi, came out on top. The second place was snatched in the final meters by ITA132 Sconquasso, skillfully skippered by Alessandra Rossi. The third place was awarded to ITA41 Confusione, with Raffaele Bonatti at the helm.

But why is this regatta called the "Regata dell'Odio"? The answer to this question lies in its historical position as the last regatta of the summer season. This event is a kind of provocation to the direct rivals who have battled throughout the year. All sailing rivalries and hostilities are laid bare in this competition. However, beyond the water, spirits calm, and friendship prevails once the regatta is over, with participants coming together to celebrate the end of the season in a festive and friendly atmosphere

For those who can't give up sailing even during the cold season, the next event is scheduled for November 26th at the Fraglia Vela Desenzano, where the "Cimento Invernale" will kick off. Last year, nine boats from the Asso99 class participated in this exciting event. Sailing enthusiasts are encouraged to join in and savor the thrill of a new season of competition.

In conclusion, the "Regata dell'Odio" is not just a sailing race but an event that symbolizes the passion and rivalry among sailors on Lake Garda. The competition is fierce on the water, but camaraderie prevails on land, demonstrating that sailing is more than just a competition; it's also a way to bring enthusiasts together and celebrate the beauty of Lake Garda and the sailing culture that surrounds it.

Final race standings can be found HERE

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