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Hungarian Championship 2023: Proligy victory

The 2023 Hungarian Asso99 Championship was held with great success. The competition saw the participation of one more foreign boat compared to the previous year, taking the challenge to a new level.

The regattas began with boat registrations and measurements, which were impeccably handled by Kuruc Sanyi and the team of Raschemberger Miklós. The weather conditions were variable, with strong winds making some days challenging for the participants.

Team Proligy, led by Gyapjas Balázs, dominated the competition by winning both the Hungarian Championship and the competition for youth under 26 years old. Second place was secured by Team Fantomasso, led by Majthényi Szabolcs, followed by Team Peecasso in third place, with Nyári Zsolt at the helm.

The organization and management of the races were praised, and the competition was described as one of the most competitive of the season, both on land and in the water.

With this victory, Team Proligy clinched the top spot in the annual overall standings, with Team Tomasso in second place and Team Infla Deus in third.

The season concluded with a closing ceremony that brought all participants together to celebrate the year's success. Despite the absence of further races to count for the rankings, enthusiasm for sailing remains high, and an excellent turnout is expected for the next year when Hungary will host the Asso99 European Championship.

See you on the water in 2024!

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