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ASSO 99 - EURO CUP 2023: An Epic Battle on Garda Lake

Brenzone, [8/24/2023] – The wait is over! From tomorrow until Sunday, the prestigious Circolo Acqua Fresca di Brenzone against the wonderful backdrop of Lake Garda will host the European Championship of the Asso99 Sailing Class. With an exceptional participation of 23 boats ready to challenge for the title, the event promises unrivaled emotions and an exciting competition.

Crews from Italy, Germany and Hungary will come together to demonstrate their skill and determination in this three-day sailing battle. The European Championship marks a moment of rebirth for the Asso99 Class, highlighting a renewed vitality that has fascinated both old sailing lovers and new enthusiasts. The numerical participation, unprecedented in recent years, confirms the return of interest and energy surrounding this class.

The European Championship is not only a competition, but also a special occasion to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first Asso99 in 1983, the work of renowned sailing yacht designer Ettore Santarelli. This anniversary adds a touch of nostalgia and recognition to the history of this iconic sailing class.

The event will be followed by enthusiasts, media and sailing enthusiasts from all over the continent, ready to capture every moment of this one-of-a-kind competition. With the beauty of Lake Garda as a backdrop and the sporting challenge as the fulcrum, the European Championship of the Asso99 Sailing Class promises to be a memorable event.

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