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73rd Edition of the Centomiglia Regatta: Asso99 Conquer the waves of Garda Lake

The 73rd edition of the Centomiglia regatta, one of the most awaited sailing competitions of the year, saw the participation of over 130 boats from various European countries. Among these, the Asso99 Class made its presence shine with 12 boats in the race, half of which came from Italy and the other half from Germany and Hungary.

The Bettoni Trophy, the first event of the regatta, was a real show. The crews challenged each other in an exciting regatta in the southern section of Lake Garda, a thrilling arrival after more than six hours of racing, the first three crews reached the finish line in the same minute! In first position was ITA 105 ASSTERISCO of Pierluigi Omboni, followed by ITA 132 SCONQUASSO of Rossi Alessandra in second place and ITA 146 DIAVOLASSO of Farina Andrea in third.

On the second day of the Gorla, the fleet faced a northerly course characterized by a fresh northerly wind in the first half of the day and a southerly breeze in the second half. The classification confirmed Pierluigi Omboni's ITA 105 ASTERISCO in the lead, with a time of less than 6 hours. Second place went to GER 151 KONING LUDWING owned by Luitpold Prinz von Bayern, while third place went to ITA 132 SCONQUASSO helmsman by Pietro Parisi. The Centomiglia Combined classification, which takes into account the overall results of the two days of competition, confirmed the ITA 105 ASSTERISCO as the winner, followed by ITA 132 SCONQUASSO and GER 151 KOENIG LUDWIG.

Worth mentioning is the awarding of the We are Greta Trophy, dedicated to Greta Nedrotti, victim together with Umberto Garzarella of the tragic nautical accident of 19 June 2021 in the Gulf of Salò. This prize was awarded to the youngest female sailor to reach the finish line, who was Alessandra Rossi, crew member of SCONQUASSO. The Santo Maffei Trophy, dedicated to the Gargnanese Santo Maffei, a key figure in the creation of the Asso 99 monotype, was deservedly delivered to Pierluigi Omboni, helmsman of ASTERISCO.

In conclusion, the 73rd edition of the Centomiglia regatta offered exciting entertainment and competition, confirming the ability of the Asso99 class crews. The winners have demonstrated great determination and skill, honoring the tradition of this prestigious regatta and the people who have made its success possible.

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