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AssoCup: The 2024 Racing Season is Coming!

With the arrival of spring, it's time to once again sail the waves and immerse oneself in the excitement of sailing regattas. For enthusiasts of the Asso99 class, the much-awaited moment is just around the corner: the start of the new racing season of the Asso99 Calendar for 2024 is about to begin. And the stage for this thrilling opening will be the picturesque location of Castelletto di Brenzone.

Next weekend, the eyes of enthusiasts and participants will be focused on the first leg of the AssoCup, the prestigious Trofeo Luca Avesani. Masterfully organized by the Brenzone Sailing Club, this event not only promises intense competition and pure adrenaline but also the opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of the surrounding lake landscapes.

Participation in this inaugural leg looks to be substantial, with a considerable lineup of both Italian and German boats ready to compete in the waters of Lake Garda.

The AssoCup is not only a moment of sporting competition but also an opportunity to share passions, meet new people, and live unforgettable experiences. In addition to the races, the event will be enriched by moments of conviviality and socialization, allowing enthusiasts to share their experiences and create new bonds within the sailing community.

In this context of challenges, fun, and friendship, the Trofeo Luca Avesani promises to be an unmissable event for sailing enthusiasts. Whether you're seasoned sailors or newcomers eager to engage in this exciting discipline, the AssoCup is ready to welcome you with enthusiasm and provide unforgettable moments on the waves of Lake Garda

Prepare your sails, sharpen your racing tactics, and get ready to experience a weekend filled with passion for sailing and the beauty of lakeside landscapes. The AssoCup is ready to set sail, and you are ready to ride the waves for a new adventure. Fair winds to all participants!

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